Charting, mapping, the multitudes of systems in which we live occupies a significant portion of my art. My work balances on personal experiences that I have had and the political/cultural situations that I see structuring these experiences. I prefer to confront topics with traumatic realities both global and personal through an act of dynamic play. In this state figures often emerge, sometimes political and other times sensual, sinister or personal.  In this dramatic play state, I often seek freedom from the rigid roles assigned in the day to day. By using the simple materials and images of daily life and creating figures out of them or denying their productive role, I release the objects themselves from the roles assigned to them in this world of massive production and consumption. This process of working sometimes produces abstractions as well, where the formal elements of objects free them from some of the objects cultural significance.  In this, objects of production can become an activist in a rebellious state of nonfunctional or to some degree redefine its cultural role.  In my art broken and fragmented stories that draw on historical, cultural, and political signifiers weave together to tell a loosely knit story that indirectly tugs at our collective spirit.

I was Born  and raised  in Western Colorado. I received her BFA from Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia and her Masters in Fine Art from Arizona State University. I live and teach art in Los Angeles.